know about Himalayan salt lamps

If you are a decoration lover, you have surely heard about Himalayan salt lamps. The salt lamps from the Himalayas have become very popular in recent times, not just for the incredible warm light emanating from any environment but for its benefits to human health.

Due to the hygroscopic characteristic of the same salt, it tends to attract the water molecules existing in the air. These molecules carry bacteria and allergens that attracted by the salt and remain inside the lamp and do not circulate in the environment, thus purifying the air in the place.

Also, this lamp help with the negative ionization of the air. Positive ions in the air, which are emitted by technology or pollution, are known to trap energy and increase depression in an environment. This lamp generates negative ions that balance this situation and create healthier spaces.

And, of course, we must not forget the sustainable factor of the lamp. Generally, these models use low-voltage bulbs that consume little energy and the base is made of wood, so you can combine it with a space decorated in a rustic, minimal, or sustainable way.

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