Five Mistakes to Avoid when Moving in New Home

The illusion of moving to our first home, own or rented, could not let us see some details that later have the possibility of becoming a problem.

It is not only necessary to make sure that in summer we will not die of heat due to lack of ventilation or that that house full of windows will freeze us in winter, but also of all the facilities that we must have during our stay.

Take into account these mistakes that are made due to lack of experience and before starting an adventure in your first home, look at all the details that allow you to enjoy this stay.

Low signal. You will not want to be disconnected from the world in your new home, so during your first visit, make sure that there is no interference for the internet or cell phone signal. Some house constructions can cause this to happen.

Buy before you move in. Don’t take action in your mind. A piece of furniture in the store may look small but within your space, it could be larger than you thought. Please take exact measurements before purchasing.

A white carpet. They are sleek, modern and minimalist, they will fit any setting but they are also a perfect canvas for shoe prints, spilled drinks, pet hair and it could soon turn gray.

One week to decorate. Everything takes time, from thinking about what you want for your space to the delivery times of your furniture and their respective facilities. Don’t despair, enjoy the whole process.

Pinterest house. It is true that from this social network you can get many ideas to decorate your house but do not fall into the obsession of wanting a house like the ones you see there. Choose what you like the most of all of them and keep your own style.

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