5 tips to keep your plants healthy and safe in home

Remove the salt and coffee beans from the kitchen or do not throw away the banana peels and eggs and give them another use: in the care of your plants.

From keeping your flowers fresh for longer to use them as a natural fertilizerthese products will help you make your plants more beautiful at home.

Here we tell you how to keep your plants and flowers shiny in simple steps.

-Apply hairspray
Although it is a hair care product, you can use it to make your flowers last much longer at home. You just have to place the flowers upside down, apply a thin layer of lacquer and let it dry for a few minutes in that position. This will prevent your flowers from wilting so quickly.

-Take advantage of the salt
This product is a great ally in cleaning the home and the care of flowers and plants is no exception. Keep your flowers fresh longer by adding a little salt to the water in your vase.

-Make the most of coffee beans
Make a mixture with coffee beans and powdered sulfur on the plants in your garden and get an excellent natural fertilizer. Your plants will thank you.

-Use egg
shells These shells are another great option of homemade natural fertilizer thanks to their calcium component. Place small pieces in the pots.

-Banana peel
Like coffee residues and eggshell, it can be used as a natural fertilizer if you want results in a short time. You must bury them under the soil of your pot and your plants will stay shiny. You can also use them to clean the leaves of plants.

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