How much paint do I need to paint a room?

It really is very simple. You only need a measuring tape and a calculator .

The first thing you should do is calculate the amount of square meters that the room has, and for that, you must take the measurements of that environment to be painted.

Most people know the measurements of the room, so they ask the question of How many liters of paint do I need to paint a 4 × 4 meter room?

Let’s get started. For each wall, measure the length and height. In the case of the ceiling, measure the length by the width.

Let’s go to the simple calculation of the room of 4 × 4 meters. Assuming it has a standard height of 2.60 meters, then multiply:

Wall nr 1: 4 meters long x 2.60 meters high = 10.4 square meters.

Since all the walls are the same since it is a 4 × 4 meter room, then we have 10.4 meters x 4 walls = 41.6 square meters. That is, walls 2, 3, and 4 are the same.

If you are painting the ceiling, it is just as easy. Since the room is 4 × 4 meters, then we multiply length x width and it gives us = 16 square meters.

Our example room is 57.6 square meters.

For review:

  1. Know the measurements of the room.
  2. Multiply length x height of each wall.
  3. Add the results according to the number of walls.
  4. Then multiply the length x width of the ceiling.
  5. And add this result with that of point 3.

Now, how much paint do you have to buy?

Almost all medium to good quality paints, worldwide, yield 10 square meters per liter per coat. And practically all the paintings in the world must be used by applying 2 coats on the walls.

Therefore, the performance is finally 5 m2 per liter in a FINISHED JOB.

That is, to paint the ceiling (ceiling) of the room that we gave as an example, we would do this simple count: 16 m2 (ceiling) / 5 (finished output) = 3.2 liters, or what is equivalent to buying a can of 4 liters.

In the case of walls, it is the same: 41.6 m2 (walls) / 5 (paint performance) = 8.32 liters. That is, you have to buy 9 liters.

So, answering the question of how much paint is a room painted with? The answer is that, depending on the example, you will need 13 liters.

This calculation is the most accurate, but it is always approximate, because depending on the condition of the walls, the quality of the paint, and the type of color, the performance of the paint may vary.

When are you going to spend more paint?

In these cases:

  • On a new wall
  • In a wall repaired to new
  • With an inferior quality paint.

Here are some tips that will help you:

Tip 1: always calculate that you have a little paint left over, since if you have to do a small repair after painting, you have enough paint of the exact color.

Tip 2: If you do a good preparation of the walls before painting, the paint will last much longer and will look great for a long time.

Tip 3: If you buy paint prepared by code, don’t lose the code. You may need to do some touch-up after a while.

Tip 4: buy quality paint. It will seem more expensive at first, but you will save it over time and be happier with the completion.

Tip 5: Some colors, such as red, require more than two coats, so you will have to consider that 1 liter will reach 3.4 square meters instead of the 5 meters in the example.

We hope the information has been useful to you. Anyway, these accounts are a good estimate, but the final need will be able to be given to you by an experienced painter.

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