How to decorate with pillows

Cushions are the kind of accessory that can turn a simple space into a spectacular one. Decorating a house with them is very easy, you just have to know what style you want to give to your spaces and choose the correct sizes and textures. If you are going to renovate your living room or bedroom, some new pillows may be the best option.

What is your style? The first thing you have to know to decorate with pillows is your decorating style. They can be contrasting the elements of form, texture, and color, but they must be chosen according to the decoration of the place where they will be placed: minimalist, modern, classic, contemporary.

Many. To decorate with cushions you also have to know that the even numbers will give your spaces a feeling of symmetry and order, while the odd numbers a more modern aspect to your environments. Try three, five or more depending on the size of your sofa and one for the chairs or armchairs. The larger ones are ideal for creating a neat and clean space, unlike too many small ones. Don’t overdo the amount to make your sofa look cozy.

Combinations. Look for the harmony of colors, designs, and textures when decorating with cushions. For example, two square pillows in solid colors that contrast with your sofa, one rectangular in the center, and two or three with interesting patterns where colors of other elements of the environment are present.

The texture. Textiles soften the rigor of leather sofas, offer warmth and comfort. Give textures as much importance as print and color. Make sure when decorating with pillows that the material offers enough traction so that they do not slip on the sofa, especially if it is leather.

The size.  Today they are of different sizes. When you decorate with them, do not put some so high on sofas with low backs and traditional measures. Reserve the very large ones for the floor and to give a more bohemian air to your environments. For the armchairs preferably opt for the small ones. Do not forget that the most important thing is comfort.

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