Is a baby coming? Ideas for decorate your room

 The baby’s room is not usually left to the last minute. Before its arrival, many questions arise: what colors are the right ones? What are the key pieces? Check out some ideas.

The arrival of a new member of the family is always a reason for joy. Without a doubt, the preparations are special, especially when it comes to your first room. To start with, I chose a neutral wall color. If you want to put aside the typical pink or blue colors, you can opt for others such as yellow, white, gray or green that convey well-being and tranquility. Avoid intense tones that often convey anxiety.

Also, the baby’s crib is essential, as he will spend many hours in it. It must be comfortable, safe, and have a railing with bars. The specialists point out that the ideal is to use these bars with a distance of a maximum of 6.5 cm. The height of the mattress will be 60 cm. The mattress must have the exact measurements to be fixed in the crib.

Another important point is the organization of your things. How to keep them handy and organized? We can help ourselves with all kinds of resources, from the classic giant closet to more effective solutions when you don’t have much space. If you want to maximize, stick with these ideas: wicker baskets that give the handmade touch or multipurpose cabinets. You can store their clothes, diapers, hygiene products, toilet, and other day-to-day supplies.

Textiles and garlands, pictures and banners with illustrations, rugs or blankets that cover the crib will help you create a comfortable and warm space.

Remember that the baby’s room will be their first window to the world, so do not miss the opportunity to add visual, tactile, and sound stimuli. You can include the relaxing presence of mobile music, which helps them calm down, as well as other soft decorative accessories that decorate the space and fill the baby’s senses with light, colors, and sounds.


Apart from the conventional ceiling light, the room should have more subdued light. This can be placed on a wall or be in the form of a lamp. It is ideal to use it in those moments of rest and relaxation.


If you want the room to be classic and elegant, opt for light tones such as beige or white. On the other hand, if you prefer that it transmits joy, you can decorate with more colorful tones. Soft colors that provide tranquility and well-being are recommended.

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