making your room look like a 5-star hotel

If 5-star hotels stand out, it is that, in addition to providing their clients with a luxury room, they offer a unique experience in rest thanks to their high-quality mattresses.

In the case that you have been in a hotel of these characteristics, you know perfectly what we mean. But the question is, can you enjoy that rest at home? The answer is yes. Do you want to know how? It is as easy as following our advice.

Start by having a good mattress

The rooms of the most luxurious hotels have memory foam mattresses. This material allows your back to remain in an ergonomic and natural position. It is adjustable to all types of bodies and, if you lie down on it, you will feel that the mattress provides you with superior comfort than other types of mattresses. You can buy a  good memory foam mattress in a trusted online store. Your body will thank you.

Choose the appropriate fabric to cover the bed

The feeling of freshness and cleanliness that you get in a five-star hotel room is a detail that has been well planned. For example, cotton sheets look neat and clean. Cotton is soft and, as the yarn is larger and finer, in that proportion you will get more soft to the touch. Also, cotton sheets are very durable. This textile on a  two person mattress  looks great.

Cover your bed with several layers

One of the most pleasant sensations of hotel beds is their comfortable appearance. It seems that when you lie down on it you immerse yourself in a cloud. You can jump from imagination to reality by dressing your bed with various textures. Start with a sheet that covers the mattress. Then place the sheet on top and turn it upside down so that when you fold it, its pattern can be visible.

Pillows: The ideal companion for a good mattress

The most advisable thing is to put pillows of varied sizes and with gradient colors from the same color palette that you used to dress the bed. The idea is that they make a good combination. If you have a two-person mattress, a good idea might be to place two pillows on the sides and a third, larger one in the center.

Don’t forget the effect of colors

Have you noticed that hotel beds are usually dressed in white? It is not a matter of chance. Visual impressions take their toll on the mind, and the managers of the most luxurious hotels know it. The white color conveys noble sensations such as purity, sharpness and freshness. When you go to choose the sheets for your bed, take this factor into account.

Choose the best lighting

Although a good mattress invites you to rest, adequate lighting is crucial. Use warm and soft energy-efficient lights aimed at the ceiling. The perfect lighting achieves that your bedroom is at the height of the most luxurious rooms in a hotel. It is also valid that you place lamps on your bedside table intended for reading.

Bedside tables

The nightstands in your bedroom are a very important aesthetic element to take into account. Generally, high-end hotels have avant-garde nightstands. How about you do the same?

By placing a nightstand with an avant-garde design, you will give a refined touch to your bedroom. If space allows, you can put an art object, flowers or a decorative candle on the table. Remember that you seek to bring the delicacy of a hotel bedroom to your home.

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