Six inexpensive ideas to change the face of your home

With some creativity and a desire to have fun, you can change the look of your home without spending a penny. You just have to look at home for any element that can be used for the transformation: wool, wrapping paper, cardboard, tree branches, books, etc.

If you need a table, want to change the track of your curtains, redecorate your wall or just add a nice detail to your living room, here are some craft ideas that will inspire you to get to work.

1. A book table

Stack several books, the bigger the better, and you have a unique table. Secure them by gluing them with silicone and put a glass on top to support pots or place pictures.

2. Frame free art

On pages like Wikimedia Commons you will find free images to print and decorate your home. You can also use photos of yourself or even frame pieces of fabric in frames that you can make yourself.

3. Bring your wall to life with paper

You can make countless details with paper to stick on your wall: cut out figures with newspaper, make garlands and hang them, cut flowers and stick them at the head of your bed, etc.

4. A new pot

Place flowers inside wine bottles or vases. You can decorate them with thread, paint them, tape them with designs, make them shine with glitter, among others.

5. Change the curtain rail

I went out to the park and picked up a branch long and sturdy enough to use as a curtain rail. You can give it a coat of paint or leave it in its natural state, but make sure it fits perfectly with the size of your windows.

6. Hang plates

That cute tableware that you don’t use to eat can be used to decorate your walls. Play around with colors and styles for a fun look. Do not forget to secure them well so that they do not suffer any accidents.

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