Walls without plaster are a new trend

The walls without plaster were adopted by the new trend of rustic style . The imprint of the exposed bricks or stones generates a unique personality. It is not necessary that all the walls are without plaster, it can be a single or a part of it. The others can be of a neutral tone so that the focus of attention is directed towards the wall without plastering.

Keys to show off walls without plaster

Get exposed bricks

When the idea of ​​leaving a wall or part of it with exposed bricks is left without plastering said section of the wall. On the other hand, if the idea is to achieve this effect from a finished wall, it can be covered with ceramic bricks that give the same effect.

Another way to get exposed bricks is to remove the plaster , you just have to be sure that the wall to be broken is made of brick. To expose the original bricks of the wall, it must be chopped carefully to remove the plaster without damaging the base bricks, giving a particular shape or the entire wall.


The grace of exposed bricks is that they are natural. However, we must protect it with a transparent liquid to prevent moisture and bugs . To give a perfect finish appearance, the brick is cured with well-defined joints. It all depends on the style sought. But, a coat of sealant can protect the original brick and the joints.


One of the properties of exposed brick is that they are dark in color. When looking for a rustic proposal, but with a touch of elegance and luminosity, the walls are painted without plaster with light tones .

It can also be combined with a coating with other materials such as wood or stone.

Factors affecting the integrity of the bricks

There are three agents that can damage the aesthetics of the brick.


The moisture on the wall can lead to the formation of mold and mildew. Giving a very unpleasant aesthetic and creating an unhealthy environment inside the house.


When the moisture evaporates, a kind of salt forms on the brick. It is removed with cleaning and prevented with the application of a water-repellent product . This type of product does not add color or shine to the bricks, only protection from moisture.


Dust and weathering when the wall is outside can make the brick look dull and dirty . Many times it is due to a poor quality of the brick or mortar or cement used in the joint.

How to keep the walls without plaster?

The effects of the weather can cause discoloration, staining or fungal growth in the joints. To avoid these situations and to show off an impeccable exposed brick wall, it should be maintained with waterproof products.

Regardless of the product chosen, the key to making the bricks look like the first day is cleaning and correct application of the product . That is why we advise you to review the list of professionals who were recommended by other users of this network.


It is important that the bricks are in good condition so that their appearance is as expected. The joints should also not be damaged because they can lead to nesting insects.

There should be no crack or presence of moisture , which is evidenced by white spots, called efflorescence. If so, it should be repaired as soon as possible. Restoration should be done after deep cleaning.


It is important to keep the walls clean without plaster to avoid the accumulation of dust in the joints. This can be done daily with a vacuum cleaner. Especially if it is near the kitchen, where dust can combine with fat. Resulting in an undesirable paste.

Only water and detergent or laundry soap are required to clean the bricks . Due to the amount of water that is thrown away, all the furniture that is nearby must be removed. If you don’t want to take up so much water, you can use a cloth soaked in baking soda and hot water. Pass a brush if necessary and rinse well.


When the joints are damaged, it must be removed with a hammer and chisel so as not to damage the brick. Remove all dust with a brush and apply cement in a neat manner. 


After the restoration of the bricks and joints, a sealant should be applied to prevent the formation of fungi and the settlement of insects . If you want to paint them white to give a feeling of a larger environment or to harmonize better with the style of the room, this is the ideal time to do it.

How to paint the walls without plaster?

Painting an exposed brick wall in neutral tones is a great decision, because after painting it is very difficult to return to its original color.

The bricks have a very porous texture, which makes them absorb paint. That is why it is necessary to pass a primer coat . This will make the paint look smoother and last longer.

The type of paint must be for interior or exterior according to the wall. But, in both cases, the paint must be for brick.

Types of finishes that you can give to the walls without plastering

The aesthetics of the wall will depend on the finish that is made with the paint. For example, if you want to achieve a delicate minimalist style, you will try to paint the entire wall in a neutral or white tone.

On the other hand, if you want to give the wall personality, you can resort to black. Even if it seems daring, it can be a very elegant detail.

The exposed brick wall has a rustic feel, you can illuminate it with brushstrokes of a light tone . To make it uneven, you can mix the paint with water and paint with a brush.

Another special effect that adds a rustic touch to the style is the aging of the bricks. It can be achieved by painting the wall with exposed brick and once dry, it is about removing a first coat in an irregular way with a brush.

The feeling of warmth provided by walls without plaster can be used by protecting it with a varnish that can be matt or glossy.

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